Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ministry Objectives & Testimonies

Ministry Objectives

  • To develop a team of American missionaries and German nationals with the goal of establishing independent, fundamental Baptist churches which will be active in local evangelism, discipleship of new believers and foreign missions.
  • To boldly and lovingly share the gospel of Jesus Christ, utilizing various and creative outlets on a regular basis.
  • To train believers with the Word of God to live godly lives and to reflect Christ in ministry.

Jim's Testimony

As a six year old, Jim said the sinner’s prayer with a Sunday School teacher, but after hearing a sermon on the reality of hell, Jim gave his life to Christ in July of 1983. While working as a counselor at a Christian camp in 1993, Jim heard a challenge from a church planting Pastor. It was then that he committed to full-time missionary service. He followed the Lord’s leading to Northland Baptist Bible College and Faith Baptist Theological Seminary for training.

Sarah's Testimony

Sarah was saved at the age of 15. She was invited to a morning Bible study at school and to youth group. After youth group, the gospel was presented. Sarah was ready to receive the gift of eternal life. She began sharing her faith with family and friends and became more burdened to share the truth of salvation with others. She became involved in various evangelistic outreaches and attended Faith Baptist Bible College which confirmed God’s call on her life to full-time missionary service.


Carrie said...

Sarah, your blog is beautiful! We just heard a video & talk yesterday from a missionary with ABWE who is getting ready to go to Portugal, about the need for Christ in Europe - the teeny percentage of people who are evangelical Christians over there was just astounding to me. Praying for you as you minister here in preparation for your ministry over there!

Chrysanthemama said...

We're praying for you!

SouthLakesMom said...

Sarah, I'm glad you've been stopping by my blog and finding it amusing on occasion!

Our church supports a couple in former East Berlin who are involved in church planting -- Phil & Diane Thrash. Phil is the prayer warrior for the team.