Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 2011

Thank you for your prayers over the months and years of our deputation. I cannot imagine attempting a deputation ministry without knowing that there are so many praying for God's direction. Hopefully, as we continue to serve the Lord in missions, our relationship with you will continue to grow and deepen as we continue to depend on your supplication for us and our ministry. Please feel free to email us any of your prayer needs and concerns. We want to feel just as much a part of your ministry/family as you are of ours.

We are nearing the end of the break we took for Cornelia's birth and necessary family adjustment. Cornelia is adjusting to a somewhat regular schedule. And mom and I try to sneek in naps whenever possible. As we look forward to summer meetings and traveling please pray that we get the rest we need to guide our family in the ways of the Lord.

Two weeks ago we participated in Faith Baptist Church Cambridge's VBS as normal members (not missionaries). I am led the puppet ministry and was the "crew chief" for the Junior class. There were around 60 children coming. Sunday night was the closing service. Please pray that the parents that came will respond to Christ.

Below is our itinerary for the upcoming months:
July 11-14 BMM annual conference Cleveland, OH
July 17 Faith Baptist, Iowa City, IA
July 18-22 VBS Faith Baptist, Iowa City, IA
July 24 Heritage Baptist, Berlin, WI
July 31 Calvary Baptist, Union, IA
Aug 7 Calvary Baptist, Chatfield, MN
Aug 8-12 attend family camp IRBC, Clear Lake, IA
Aug 14 Faith Baptist, Brainerd, MN
Aug 28 Bible Baptist, Rantoul, IL
Sept 7 Calvary Baptist, Derby, KS
Oct 2 First Regular Baptist, Kansas City, MO
Oct 9 Shepherd Road Baptist, Mulberry, FL
Oct 12 Starkey Road Baptist, Largo, FL
Oct 19 Maranatha Baptist, Sebring, FL
Nov 6 Grace Baptist, Labelle, FL

If you or someone you know will be in the area of any of these meetings we would love to see you/them. Please pray for these meeting opportunites for God to work in the lives of those in attendance. You never know when or how God will call someone into His service. Please pray also that I can schedule more meetings to finish the year.

Thank you again for your prayers. May the Lord bless you as you pray for others.

May 2011

We are currently home in Mingo, IA awaiting the arrival of our second daughter, Cornelia. She is due on May 4th (this coming Wednesday), but could arrive at any moment. The doctors have been watching this pregnancy closer than with Josefine, because Sarah has gestational diabetes this time. So the doctors do not want the baby to get too big. Please pray for a safe and timely delivery of a healthy Cornelia.

It seems as though this is the first real break we have had since we left for Washington last June. We spent most of the summer on the road, traveling from Iowa to Washington (State, not D.C.) to New York to Michigan back to Iowa. Then the Fall we were in Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan for church meetings and state fellowship conferences. The winter and this spring has been filled with meetings from those conference contacts. We've just completed another round of spring conferences to make more contacts. I am currently scheduling meetings in Kansas City, KS and Florida for this October/November. Please pray that I will fill up the rest of the calendar with meetings.

We've had some promising meetings recently with churches that are real potentials for partnering with us. Please pray that the Lord will direct in those churches as they consider their involvement with us.

Although we have not been informed of any new support this year, we are very thankful that two supporting churches have increased their support of us. We are now at 31.8%. Please pray that the we can be at 60% by the beginning of September 2011 so we may attend the Launch Seminar at BMM (the second half of candidate seminar). And Lord willing be leaving for Germany some time next year.

Sarah and I have recently been talking to each other about our desire to reach out to the little town of Mingo. It is hard to get to know people here because you hardly ever see anybody. But we have gotten to meet a few people. Please pray "that God would open to us a door for the word, to speak the mystery of Christ . . . that [we might] make it manifest, as [we] ought." Col 4:3,4