Friday, November 27, 2009

Heading West

Today we left Iowa for Colorado. We have three meetings scheduled in the next week. Pray for us as we both feel a bit of a cold coming on and have a lot of talking and singing to do during the next week. Pray also that Josefine would stay healthy!

Also, we'd like to say another big "Thank You!" for your prayers about our car. This is our first big trip with it and we made sure to thank God for his provision and blessings before we took off.

We are looking VERY forward to these meetings. The opportunity to speak about our burden for Germany provides a little reminder for us as to what we're doing and where we are going. It's a little boost, you could say, that takes our passion for Germany to the next level! If you would like us to share Germany as a mission field with your congregation, we would be privileged to do so, as it is our passion and joy! Just contact Jim at:

This trip also provides an opportunity to be with Sarah's family. We always enjoy being with them and pray that our testimony would be a shining light!

This is a short update, but, I'll be updating you as we go along this week! Again, thanks so much for praying and continue to do so!

Oh, and one more (very exciting) thing! We'd like to praise the Lord with our co-workers, currently raising support to go to Germany as well, Mark & Leslie Boyd on the birth of Sophia Grace!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Car Update: Welcome to the Wonderful Journey of Faith

Thank you all for praying for God's provision of the right car for our deputation travels! God has answered prayer in ways only He could. Our faith was stretched during this time and strengthened as we saw the Lord provide in amazing and unfathomable ways!

In the last post, I mentioned that the man that was selling us his car offered to only charge the $1500 instead of the full $2600, and if the Lord provided the rest, then we could pay the rest. We were so thankful for his generosity and graciousness! We happened to have $40 more than the needed $1500, so we took that as a direct open door from God and thanked Him for His provision.

The next day, Jim received a phone call. An anonymous donor wanted to gift us another $1500 for the car! That meant that we wouldn't have to move all the photography money from outfit and passage to pay for the car. $440 of the photography money could stay! And we were able to pay the seller the FULL $2600! Praise the Lord!

And this all happened in such a timely fashion (and we're not surprised as God was in control)! Our friend, the seller, was going to be in the area that week, so we were able to spend time in fellowship with him and his family (his wife happens to be a good friend of mine), make the transaction in person and thank God for His blessings in our lives together. Isn't it a beautiful thing that the Lord allows us to share in His blessings...oh, the unity of the Body!

We were thrilled to see how the Lord blessed his faith and provided the full amount when he was willing to charge nearly half that much! We were also amazed to see how God blessed our faith in Him as well, for choosing not to buy a car and have to make payments. The Lord is good...and this journey of Faith is truly...wonderful.

I'll be posting pictures of the car soon!

And again, thank you for joining us on this journey with your prayers and support!

Continue to pray as we:

*work on the house.
*have meetings in Colorado on Nov. 29 and Dec. 6.
*schedule more meetings for next year (remember - pray specifically that we'll be up to 50% maybe even 60% by the end of the year!)