Thursday, October 29, 2009

How God Leads

Lately, we' ve been praying for God to lead us in the way in which He would want us to go as far as a car. We had two choices in front of us, and both seemed like good choices. So which one was God's choice? We prayed that he would lead us to His choice in a clear and obvious way.

And the sheer JOY that comes from knowing you're trusting a loving and powerful God is amazing. The security that we're following a perfect, holy God - who will never leave nor forsake us - brings such rest. All this and more...our God is good! And we are thankful for this circumstance that would help us to see these truths so that we can carry them on into our life and ministry from here on out.

Here's the story:

We were leaning heavily toward the Ford Taurus, but wanted to get in touch with the man who was selling the car for more details. Jim talked to him and asked about a possible payment plan...if it was a possibility and if so, how. The man explained that he would like $1,500 as a down-payment and a written out plan as to how we would pay the rest ($1,100) and by when. It seemed reasonable for sure and very gracious of him as well.

However, we talked about it some more and felt that we wanted to pay for it all up front. So, if we didn't have the money, then we wouldn't buy this car. God might have something else in store for us if this particular car was sold by the time we did have the money. Jim called him again to share our decision, so he would know not to wait on us.

Then, the man shared with Jim that he and his wife had also talked about the situation and felt that because this car was also a blessing to them and they didn't want to put us in the place of having to make payments, they would also take a step of faith and take $1,500 for the car. If the Lord provides the remaining $1,100 we can pay it, but if not we would make sure to pass on the blessing of this car to someone else in need when we go to Germany.

Now, from what I have shared so far - we have $500 set aside for the car in our missions account. What about the other $1,000?

Here's the other story:

As you all may know, I have been into the "business" of photography for about a year now. God provided through this so that we could prepare and pay for what comes with a new baby. Since Josefine has been with us though, the Lord has led me to use this gift of photography in another way. I no longer charge. I only take free-will donations for my work and I send the money straight to our Missions Account. For more details on that decision, click here.

This past month has been full of photoshoots! Nearly 17 throughout the whole month. It has been a blessing to see how the Lord provides through those photoshoots. When I agree to do a photoshoot, I'm completely trusting in His provision and if people choose to donate, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it's the Lord who gave us that money.

As the Lord has provided, I thought it would be nice to put the money directly into our outfit and passage account - funds for plane tickets and all other details included with our move to Germany. But, it seems that the Lord is leading again, in a different way.

The past several photoshoots have provided exactly $1,040. Add the $500 gift from one of our supporting churches and we have $1,540. Exactly enough for the car. I think it's clear that this is how God wants me to use the photography money from this month. It was a hard thing to submit to, because I had determined it would be wonderful to have that money set aside for our plane tickets and such. But, the Lord reminded me that as we walk this road of faith, HE will provide sufficiently along each step...and that I shouldn't lay up my treasures in storehouses to "rot" while there are needs to be met. Why should I try to keep His money for my desires? This photography is a gift from God, the money that He provides through it is HIS as well, and the purpose for which it is used will also be HIS alone.

Thank you for praying...continue to do so as we trust the Lord together!

The Engles

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Oh wow! How exciting!

I love it when God uses specific numbers like that. I always appreciate direction being marked clearly-- I have a tendency to be dense sometimes. But God knows how to get my attention.

It is hard to change the plans that I have made. But I am thankful for God's ways being much higher than my ways!