Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 2011

Hello praying partners,

I am writing this update from Iowa City, IA after an exciting week of Vacation Bible School with Faith Baptist Church. Sunday night is the closing program, so we get one more opportunity to reach out to these children and an opportunity to talk with their parents. We had the privilege of working in the primary department all week as well as a daily missionary time at the end of the day. There was a high of 57 primary children and only 4 were regular attenders at the church. Every day there were several that received counseling about salvation, and I had the privilege to pray with 4 different children as they received Christ as their Savior. What a joy and blessing that was! And then to watch these new children of God start to grow as the week progressed was another blessing. We originally were not going to be able to stay for the closing program because we already had another church scheduled for this Sunday, over 5 hours away. But as it worked out those plans were changed, which made it possible for us to remain in town in order to participate in the closing program.

It seems as though the last several weeks have been filled with other examples of changing plans. Some minor. And some major. Some ours. And some others.

First, on July 2, dear close friends of ours woke up to find that one of their 3 month old twin boys had died in his sleep. What a heart ache as the plans they had for him disappeared. We spent as much time and energy as we could over that next week reaching out to them. We participated in the funeral and attended the viewing and burial and gathered with the family as much as possible. Through it all, the Lord has given them the grace to praise Him. Please pray for our friends, the Clines.

Second, on the day of the burial we found out that plans have changed for a fellow missionary family to Germany and they not be returning to the field. Please pray that more missionaries would come to Germany.

Third, the next week we had planned to drive to Cleveland for the BMM annual conference as the kick off to returning to the road after having Cornelia. Our departure was delayed because Sarah got an abscess on her right tonsil, which required her to receive strong antibiotics, and the doctors said we should not leave the area because follow up visits may be required. He said if things didn't clear up by Wednesday of that week then further testing would be required. So we changed our plans. Praise the Lord that Sarah is better.

Fourth, this week our car added two more significant problems to its growing list. So my evening plans of getting some rest after VBS had to change for a couple of days in order to work on the car. It already had transmission issues which will eventually require an overhaul. This week the ABS and traction control started acting up. Plus, the car overheated several times. I was able to spend an evening with some men from the church, one of them being a mechanic, and flush the cooling system. That took care of the overheating issue. When I return home I will need to have the other issues looked at. Please pray for wisdom to fix these issues safely.

Fifth, finances have become tighter than originally planned and we have had to change plans several times because of that. We are praying about ways to help lessen the financial strain. Please pray that our finances would normalize.

Through all these changed plans we are reminded of the words of Jeremiah 29:11 "I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare[and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."

Thank you for your prayers,
Jim, Sarah, Josefine and Cornelia

Monday, July 11, 2011

Missionary Bergen says . . .

Dear Pastor and Church Family,

Greetings from Germany! It is a privilege to be involved in what the Lord is doing. God is working here in Germany. In the past several years we have seen two churches “graduate” from missionary status and have national leadership supported by their churches. Another church will join their ranks this summer.

At our last ministry team meeting, we were thirteen adults, nine of whom are well into our fifties. Our ministry team is in need of new, younger members who can carry on the ministry of Baptist Mid- Missions in Germany into the future.

We were excited when we heard of Jim and Sarah Engle answering the Lord’s call to serve Him in Germany with our team. Jim and Sarah were involved in the outreach we had during the World Cup soccer tournament here in 2006. We feel that they will be a valuable asset to the church planting ministry in Berlin, where they feel that the Lord wants them.

On behalf of our team in Germany, I would ask you to please pray for Jim and Sarah. Pray about inviting them to share their burden for Germany with your church family. Pray about you as a church family assisting Jim and Sarah with their monthly support and with their outfit and passage fund, which covers initial expenses getting to and beginning their ministry in Germany. Pray that the Lord will enable Jim and Sarah to soon be able to “come over and help us.”

Thank you for your consideration in helping Jim and Sarah. May the Lord richly bless you and your church family as you serve Him together.

In Christ,

Burdette Bergen
Team Leader
Baptist Mid-Missions Germany Ministry Team

Pastor Janke says . . .

Dear Pastor:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the Engles to you. I have known Jim for over ten years. My first experience with him was during the time I served as an instructor at Northland International University and then more recently in my current role as a Pastor.
As a student, I found Jim to be a teachable individual who had a desire to understand truth and pursue God’s will for his life. Jim also attended Grace Baptist Church where I was serving in a leadership capacity. Jim was faithfully involved in the ministries of the church and often helped behind the scenes with many projects.
Upon his graduation, Jim attended Faith Baptist Bible College to pursue further education. During this time, Jim became a part of our church family, driving almost an hour to be involved. Our people quickly bonded with Jim as he displayed a humble spirit and kind attitude. It was normal to find out Jim had helped someone who needed something fixed around their property or that he simply offered a helping hand with farm chores. He was faithful in ministering in our services as well, helping out however he was needed. His teaching was personal, text based, and well received by our folks. I learned from his teaching as God used him in my life.
My observation of Jim is that he is a person who is committed to being accurate with God’s Word and desires to communicate its truth to others. He is not one who quits in difficult circumstances but continues forward, trusting God’s plan and provision. Our church family has been excited to be one of the first to support the Engles and we look forward to seeing how God will use them in Germany.

Walking in His Grace,
Rev. John Janke
Senior Pastor
211 W. 13th Street
Tama, IA 52339
Serving Christ for God’s glory and others’ good.