Thursday, October 29, 2009

How God Leads

Lately, we' ve been praying for God to lead us in the way in which He would want us to go as far as a car. We had two choices in front of us, and both seemed like good choices. So which one was God's choice? We prayed that he would lead us to His choice in a clear and obvious way.

And the sheer JOY that comes from knowing you're trusting a loving and powerful God is amazing. The security that we're following a perfect, holy God - who will never leave nor forsake us - brings such rest. All this and more...our God is good! And we are thankful for this circumstance that would help us to see these truths so that we can carry them on into our life and ministry from here on out.

Here's the story:

We were leaning heavily toward the Ford Taurus, but wanted to get in touch with the man who was selling the car for more details. Jim talked to him and asked about a possible payment plan...if it was a possibility and if so, how. The man explained that he would like $1,500 as a down-payment and a written out plan as to how we would pay the rest ($1,100) and by when. It seemed reasonable for sure and very gracious of him as well.

However, we talked about it some more and felt that we wanted to pay for it all up front. So, if we didn't have the money, then we wouldn't buy this car. God might have something else in store for us if this particular car was sold by the time we did have the money. Jim called him again to share our decision, so he would know not to wait on us.

Then, the man shared with Jim that he and his wife had also talked about the situation and felt that because this car was also a blessing to them and they didn't want to put us in the place of having to make payments, they would also take a step of faith and take $1,500 for the car. If the Lord provides the remaining $1,100 we can pay it, but if not we would make sure to pass on the blessing of this car to someone else in need when we go to Germany.

Now, from what I have shared so far - we have $500 set aside for the car in our missions account. What about the other $1,000?

Here's the other story:

As you all may know, I have been into the "business" of photography for about a year now. God provided through this so that we could prepare and pay for what comes with a new baby. Since Josefine has been with us though, the Lord has led me to use this gift of photography in another way. I no longer charge. I only take free-will donations for my work and I send the money straight to our Missions Account. For more details on that decision, click here.

This past month has been full of photoshoots! Nearly 17 throughout the whole month. It has been a blessing to see how the Lord provides through those photoshoots. When I agree to do a photoshoot, I'm completely trusting in His provision and if people choose to donate, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it's the Lord who gave us that money.

As the Lord has provided, I thought it would be nice to put the money directly into our outfit and passage account - funds for plane tickets and all other details included with our move to Germany. But, it seems that the Lord is leading again, in a different way.

The past several photoshoots have provided exactly $1,040. Add the $500 gift from one of our supporting churches and we have $1,540. Exactly enough for the car. I think it's clear that this is how God wants me to use the photography money from this month. It was a hard thing to submit to, because I had determined it would be wonderful to have that money set aside for our plane tickets and such. But, the Lord reminded me that as we walk this road of faith, HE will provide sufficiently along each step...and that I shouldn't lay up my treasures in storehouses to "rot" while there are needs to be met. Why should I try to keep His money for my desires? This photography is a gift from God, the money that He provides through it is HIS as well, and the purpose for which it is used will also be HIS alone.

Thank you for praying...continue to do so as we trust the Lord together!

The Engles

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Praise for His Provision

" everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Praise the Lord for His provision...

One of our dear supporting churches blessed us with an early Christmas gift of $500 that will go toward the purchase of a new deputation vehicle!

It's clear that God is providing - now, let's see how He leads!

This journey of faith is certainly a joy and we're so thankful you've chosen to join us on it so we can share that joy with you! Keep praying!

The Engles


"If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God,
who gives to all liberally and without reproach,
and it will be given to him."
James 1:5
Right now, we're praying that God would give us wisdom specifically in these few things:
  • Car Situation: Jim went to Perry to test-drive the LeSabre. He said it didn't seem like he should jump on it, but it was a good vehicle that would meet our needs, so we should continue to pray for God's guidance. That same day, we got a call from a pastor friend in Iowa who is selling his car for $150 less then what we would pay for the LeSabre. It's a newer car, 2004 Ford Taurus with 80,000 miles - less than the LeSabre. Pray with us that we would have wisdom...should be take one of these? Should we continue to wait? Our next scheduled meeting is November 29 in Colorado. We will need to have a car by then.
  • Meetings: Jim is scheduling meetings through next year now. Pray for wisdom as we "plan" out our travel schedule...we recognize that we can make plans...but, it's God who carries them out. Pray as Jim makes calls, that we'll be able to fill our calendar up with meetings!
  • House Situation: One thing that ties us down a bit is the house renovation. Jim gets out there a few times a week. Between calling pastors, work and other responsibilities, it's not always easy to spend a lot of time out there. Pray that we will have wisdom about how much work to put into it and that we would manage our time wisely. Pray also that Jim would be able to evaulate the situation and know what we need to do and what is better left undone, for sake of time and desire to be on the road. Continue to pray that God would burden other skilled men to help Jim.

Thank you so much for your prayers and loving support!

The Engles

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Car Update

In reply to my latest update about meetings coming up in November/December, I was asked if we'd have to rent a car again...

Here's the update on our car situation.

After a few weeks of praying and searching out our options, we found a car on CraigsList that fit what we were looking for - a low mileage (84,000), around $3,000 sedan, in good condition. When Jim first came across the listing, he printed it out and we talked about it. It's a '97 Buick LeSabre and from the picture on the looked quite nice. Jim communicated with the owner, and as it turns out, the owner is a Christian and used to be a deacon in a church with which we're familiar. The listed price is $3,300, but after talking with Jim a bit, the man decided to go down to $2,750!

We've waited a few days since finding all of this out...just to make sure we weren't jumping in too soon. Tonight, though, Jim called the man and we'll be test-driving this car tomorrow afternoon.

Please pray that God would give us wisdom about this opportunity. Should we take it? Should we continue to wait? How will we pay for it? Is it GOD'S will?

Pray also that the Lord would make it clear as far as his provision. $2,750 is a good price, but it's not exactly something we have laying around the bank account, either.

Just keeping you in-the-know and thankful for any prayers you could offer up to the Lord about this matter!


The Engles


God has opened up 3 opportunies for us to present our ministry in November and December! Praise Him and thank you again for your prayers!

Here's an update to our schedule this fall:

November 29: Fairview Baptist Church - Arvada, CO
December 6 AM: North Range Baptist Church - Commerce City, CO
December 6 PM: Arvada Baptist Church - Arvada, CO

Please continue in prayer that our calendar would fill up! We are so excited to see this answer to prayer and praise God for it!

Blessings Abundant,

The Engles

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Just wanted to post a big 'thanks!" to those of you who pray for us as we travel share our burden, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our last meeting went wonderfully. We enjoyed meeting various new people who blessed us beyond's all too wonderful and enjoyable being with fellow Christians. Fellowship is such a sweet, sweet thing. No one came down with any kind of bug or cold and Josefine traveled well. We got to see dear friends and make new ones and share our love for Germany and for Germans. We pray that it was a productive meeting and that people were able to sense the need in Germany as deeply as we do.

My favorite part of meetings (besides meeting new people, of course) is sharing my testimony. I just stand in awe at the amazing grace God has bestowed on me and my life. He spared me...pulled my feet out of the miry clay...and put them on the Solid Rock. I continue to see God's limitless faithfulness in my life and I always start there...the moment I believed...trusted Christ as my Savior. His faithfulness is my steadfastness...from beginning to end.

Well, I must say 'thank you' again - you are more of a blessing to us than you know!

Please continue to pray for:

*good health
*the house project (done by the end of the year)
*meetings scheduled (fill up the calendar!)
*the car situation (need a "new" deputation-mobile)
*support increase (currently at 27.5%, goal to be at 50% by the end of the year)

Many of these things might sound lofty...but, as Jim said at our last meeting...there is nothing too lofty for our God!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunday's Meeting, Etc.

Please Pray!
  • We'll be presenting our ministry in Germany tomorrow at Grace Tabernacle Baptist Church in Centerville, IA. Please pray that we'll convey our passion for the people of Germany and they're need for Jesus Christ! Pray for Jim as he preaches and teaches adult Sunday School and for me as I teach Children's Sunday School. Pray that Josefine would be able to sleep during her naptime and not catch any cold or flu that may be going around this time of year. She's just now getting over her first cold. It doesn't seem to phase her - so that's good! :)
  • Continue to pray about the car situation. We drove the trusty Escort out here and remembered how crowded it can be and how difficult it is to get Josefine in and out with a two-door! God has opened up some opportunities. Pray that we would have wisdom about which ones to explore or if we need to continue to wait on Him!
  • Don't forget to pray for meetings to get on the calendar! We want to be on the road full-time by January 2010 and boarding a plane for Germany in the fall of 2010. Only a year from now! Jim is making a lot of calls lately - pray that these calls would be fruitful!
  • We're also still working on our house in Mingo and living in an apartment in would be a blessing to be completed with the project by the end of the year so we can go back to living rent-free - especially if we're going to be on the road a lot. Paying rent seems like expensive "storage" when we're gone for so long!

THANKS so much for your prayers on our behalf! We pray the Lord would use us and that HE would be glorified!



Monday, October 12, 2009

4 Things

1. Our car is "on the fritz." Pray that God would provide a car or a way to get the Grand Prix fixed. It's a transmission and cylinder issue...which, apparently can be a bit spendy.

2. Pray for us as we live our lives to share Christ and the saving work He did on the cross!! Pray for loved ones to accept that gift for themselves!

3. Pray for Jim as he seeks meetings and contacts. He has a list of churches to contact - pray that this line-up would be fruitful! Pray also for the churches we have already been to, that they would consider taking us on! Our goal is to be at 50% by the end of the year, and Lord willing, on a plane to Germany next September!

4. Pray for Jim as he joined outreach at our current local church. This will be a good opportunity to excercise witnessing skills! He will join them on Sundays when we're not on the road.

Monday, October 5, 2009

October - December 2007

October - We arrived at Queens Regular Baptist Church in NYC, joining Pastor Nimit Oliver and his wife Christa. Our time in New York provided many opportunities to minister in various ways. Jim utilized his talents as an electrician and handyman, while I enjoyed fellowship with ladies and children, teaching knitting and crocheting, teaching Bible lessons and encouraging.

Queens being our “base” for the month, we traveled to area churches for other ministry opportunities. West Hills Baptist Church with Pastor Crompton was a joy to join for fellowship and ministry. The next week was filled with numerous ministry projects and fellowship opportunities at Calvary Baptist Church in Bay Shore with Pastor Bud Hall. We loved the
time spent with the church members and treasure the quality relationships we were able to build with them. Thank you, Pastor Hall for giving us that joy!

We also enjoyed time in beautiful Rhode Island with Pastor Rob Clark at Cornerstone Church. God provided an opportunity for a fruitful conversation with a recently saved woman about discipleship and Christian living. Pray for her as she has many decisions and life changes to make as a new Christian

November - November was a wonderful time of ministry and fellowship in Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We joined Pastor Kimbrough and Grace Baptist Church in Kingsford, MI for an enjoyable meeting and several opportunities to attend Bible Studies and Prayer Meetings. We also traveled to Eagle River, WI for a meeting with Pastor Hawkins, which proved to be a wonderful blessing for us all.

December -December quieted down and we were able to spend some recovery time at home. Jim started working at Faith again and I started getting into the “normal” routine of being home. We enjoyed the exciting opportunity to hone in on our musical skills by joining the FBBC Chamber Orchestra for their Annual Festival of Carols Concert Ministry. It was an answer to prayer to be able to use our musical talents in that way as we hope to employ them as ministry tools in Germany!

As soon as we arrived home, we joined Pastor Shrader at Metro Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO. It was a joy to be around some familiar faces and we had a great time of fellowship with new people that truly blessed our hearts.

Our next trip will include Christmas in Denver and 2-3 months of meetings and scheduling meetings in Michigan and Ohio. As of now, we have three
meetings on the calendar and we’re praying hard for more! Please pray with us! During down time, we’re hoping Jim will be able to pick up some side jobs here and there. Pray for that as well.

As you can see, we’ve been quite busy, but we’ve loved every minute of it as we look back at God’s promises and works of faithfulness and look forward to His grace and blessing in the future!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement to us and have a truly Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Jim & Sarah Engle

January - March 2008

The beginning of 2008 for us meant the beginning of a series of three scheduled meetings in Michigan and Ohio for the months of January through March. Three meetings in three
months hardly seemed like the schedule for which we had long hoped and prayed during this planned trip to Michigan, which included a short trip to Ohio.

We were slightly doubtful of the worth of this long trip, considering Jim wouldn't be working regularly and three months seemed, through our human eyes, to be a long time without "steady" income.

Not long after we arrived, we felt immediately aware of our lack of faith as we doubted God's desire for us to be away from home for so long. It seemed silly and unfair that we should question being gone for three months when God wants us to give our lives to Him. We began to see blessings and encouragements from day to day, and our time in Michigan and Ohio blossomed with the reminder that God is always faithful.

God opened the door for us to share our ministry, not only in the three originally scheduled churches, but also in two additional churches, which included joining one for a four-day Missions Conference. Our time with each of these churches provided abundant blessings and much
needed encouragement.

We also enjoyed the blessing of being involved at our home and sending church, Evangel Baptist in Taylor, MI. One of the highlights of our time ministering with Evangel was joining the youth group for their annual Winter Retreat at Lake Ann Camp. Along with tubing down a rather steep
snow hill and engaging in an aggressive snowball fight or two (which Sarah sneakily avoided by taking pictures), we were overjoyed to see that God was mightily at work and the hearts of teens and adults alike were moved to become more dedicated to Him, ”making our all mean all.”

Release Time was another opportunity to minister. Once a month, area public elementary schools release students with permission slips to attend an hour of Bible Time at a local church. Jim drove the bus twice and Sarah helped with “crowd control” and interaction with the children. What a joy to know that these children, who may not otherwise hear the gospel on a regular basis, can come to Release Time and hear the message that Jesus loves them.

While we were in Michigan, Jim was able to secure enough side jobs with his handy man skills that we were busy and consistently able to pay necessary bills. God's provision went beyond the bills and we received two emails stating that two new churches, First Baptist in Flat Rock, MI and Emmanuel Baptist in Flint, MI both voted to take us on bringing our support percentage up from 15% to 22%. God's faithfulness continues to be a theme during our deputation time!

We returned to Iowa during the middle of March, with one meeting left for the month; another blessed opportunity to encourage God's people to seek Him, serve Him and be ready to trust Him, even when our circumstances don't seem to provide the most comfortable platform for blind trust. We not only teach these lessons as we travel, but we also take them to heart ourselves. Our journey to Germany and someday in Germany may not always seem easy, but we have learned to trust God and believe His promise to be faithful through whatever circumstances in which we find ourselves.

We kicked off this year's Missions Conference at Faith Baptist Bible College on March 31, with the opportunity to put up our display and share our testimonies with the student body. We end this quarter's newsletter with the beginning of a new challenge to commitment and look forward to sharing with you what God will do in the three months ahead of us!

Thank you all for your kindness, for sharing your hearts with us, for giving us time, money, and meals! May you see God's blessings as abundantly real in your life as you give so sacrificially for His cause!

Jim & Sarah Engle

July - September 2008


Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp
Genoa, NE

Sarah’s previous ministry experience at Whispering Cedars gave us both something special to look forward to as we approached the campgrounds. It was a continual blessing to be able to minister God’s Word to the campers at Whispering Cedars and to work closely with the camp staff. The campers were attentive and eager to answer the Missionary Story questions when the time came. We also had the opportunity to help out with the camp health care provider which allowed us to really get to know the kids outside of our roll as speakers. Sarah took advantage of an opportunity to share the plan of salvation with one young girl who was sick with the flu part of the week. Jim was also able to spend time talking with a boy who was struggling with the loss of his younger brother several years earlier. He prayed with him and for him and pointed the boy to God’s forgiveness and grace. God’s plan is perfect!

Raccoon River Bible Camp
Carroll, IA

This week proved to be a perfect ending to our camp ministries for the summer! Raccoon River Bible Camp is located on a piece of beautiful Iowa acreage that felt just like home. The atmosphere was welcoming and prayerful. Right away, we could sense that God would have free reign to work in lives this week. Even our own. The campers were challenged to memorize parts of the book of Matthew, starting with the Beatitudes. Sarah and Jim agreed to join the girls and boys teams and memorize verses as well. Sarah thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and memorized nearly two chapters! She was reminded how powerful and precious God’s Word truly is. Jim spent time talking with and learning from Evangelist Duane Brown, who was our evening speaker. Evangelist Brown was an amazing example of God’s faithfulness. His puppet ministry has reached the hearts of children all over the world, including several of the children at camp. As a result of messages from God’s Word, stories of God’s faithfulness and God Himself, working in the hearts of the campers, several of them made professions of faith that week, as well as assurance and decisions to live their lives for God.


After three weeks of camp, it was refreshing to spend time ministering in a local church again. Our burden for Germany and its people ever increases through opportunities to share the needs and spiritual conditions found there. Time with the body of believers at Norwoodville Baptist Church in Des Moines proved to do just that. Nearly every church we visit, we find that many of the people have some kind of personal connection to Germany, whether it is through their German heritage or time spent serving our country in Germany. It is always an encouragement for us to know that others have a burden for Germany as well.

Also, in August, Tim Brudtkuhl, Missionary with BMM to Berlin, traveled to the states with his son, Aaron, who began attending school at Faith Baptist Bible College. We were thrilled to be able to spend time with them both. This is also the time we sensed God’s leading for us to make the decision to join the Brudtkuhl’s and their ministry in Berlin. This was an incredible blessing – knowing what to look forward to brought a new excitement and energy to our purpose and gave us a clearer outlook on our ministry! We became more eager than ever to go! With Aaron here, Sarah has someone to ask all sorts of questions of concerning Berlin! We were glad to help introduce him to all the newness he is experiencing in America and help him adjust to college life with as much “sisterly” advice as possible from Sarah.


September was a time for us to start working on projects on our house that need to be completed before we go to Germany. Although we don’t anticipate leaving before Spring of 2010, it’s never too early to start on those kinds of projects!

We also spent time preparing for a string of upcoming meetings (answers to prayer!) for the month of October. Sarah started working part-time back in the Missions Department at Faith Baptist Bible College and Jim continues his full-time position in the maintenance department. God is providing! We were also reminded of that provision as we heard news of a willing, missions-minded lady who would like to contribute to the paying-off of our school debt in order to see us to the field soon! Praise God; He is so good!

We praise and thank Him for your involvement in our lives and ministry. Thank you for praying, giving and loving!

Jim & Sarah

October - December 2008

It has certainly been busy these past several months! We enjoyed a handful of meetings in Iowa and Missouri in the fall and pray that the Lord blessed the members of those churches as they were a blessing to us during our visit!

Jim has been working hard on our house renovations. Now that we have something in July to look forward to, we’re looking at a time crunch to get things installed, repaired and in working order! Namely a nursery area! We’re excited to announce that God has indeed blessed us with the anticipation of a new little Engle in the home! July 4th is the due date – so we’re expecting a different kind of fireworks this Independence Day! Pray for us as we prepare the house and of course, ourselves for such a big change! It’s funny how such big changes can come in such little packages!

Pray for Sarah as she experiences all the new physical changes ahead. She’s feeling a little better since she’s crossed the 15 week mark, but the journey has just begun! Pray also for Jim as he adjusts and learns to support Sarah through all of what is to come…and we do look forward to everything this little one will bring! And of course, pray for the growth and development of our little “Chocolate Chip” as we like to call him/her – although, this baby is much bigger than that now! (I noticed that I ended almost every sentence in this paragraph with an exclamation point…and it’s no wonder! We ARE excited!)

Another exciting piece of news is that we’ve heard of an additional church that has decided to make us a part of their missions family! First Baptist Church in Creston, IA is a special church to Sarah as she was saved and discipled through their ministry during those first critical years of her walk with Christ. We praise God for their faithfulness to His work and stand in awe at His grace!

Pray for us also as we hope to secure meetings during 2009. We know our God will provide and we pray that through this time of working and waiting that our hope will not waver and that God will continue to prove Himself faithful!

Hebrews 10:23 “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.”

Trusting, Resting –
Jim, Sarah & Baby Engle

January - April 2009

January/February - We spent time serving in our local church while praying that God would provide contacts and meetings. By March we were given some leads as to how we can make some contacts for potential future meetings. Sarah’s involvement in Faith’s orchestra opened up the opportunity for us to set up our display at the Men for Christ meeting in Schaumburg, IL at the end of March. The following week we set up our display at Faith’s Missions Conference as well. It was a great time of fellowship, encouragement and a good reminder of God’s call on our lives as missionaries.

March - we visited the youth group at Liberty Baptist Church in Marshalltown and presented our ministry and challenged them with personal evangelism and missions.
We are also making significant progress on our house renovation. Our goal is move back into the house by the end of August. Pray that we can meet that goal so we can resume living rent free in the house. The time is also getting closer for baby’s arrival! In February, we found out that we’re having a little girl. Josefine Adelaide (pronounced Ah-deh-LIE-deh) will be here before we know it as July 4th draws closer! As I am writing this, our countdown is down to 9 weeks! Pray for us as we enter this new chapter of life with Josefine and all the changes that will take place with her in our lives. We are thrilled for the opportunity to raise this little girl in a home that puts God first. Pray, pray, pray for us, that we would be parents who honor God in that way.

April - We attended the Illinois-Missouri State Conference and set up our display. We were able to make face-to-face contact with Pastors and hand out our literature, which we pray will open up doors for future meetings. We also attended the IARBC Conference in Waterloo, IA.

Looking Ahead -

Some upcoming events that you could pray for include an opportunity to be the Missionary Speakers for VBS at First Baptist Church in Creston during the week of June 1-5. Pray that we would minister to the children and adults alike with God’s word and a challenge towards Missions. Also, Sarah is taking off with her photography hobby and it’s nearly turning into a business. She will be photographing 2 weddings in May, so pray for stamina and energy as she will be very pregnant! Pray also for creativity as she wants to serve and honor God in doing this as well as give the couples lovely photos that they can cherish for a lifetime. And again, pray for a safe and healthy delivery for Josefine
and Sarah.

We would also like you to pray that God would provide meetings and support. We are currently at 28%. During the months of January and February, God provided two additional churches (First Baptist Church in Creston, IA and Metro Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO). Praise the Lord and thank you for your support! Our goal is to be boarding a plane and heading to Berlin in August of 2010. First, we need to reach 50% support so that we can pursue deputation full-time! Please pray to that end!

Again, we are so grateful for your interest in our ministry and your prayers for us. May God be glorified through it all!

Jim & Sarah Engle

May - August 2009

May- May was a busy month. Sarah earned some extra income to go towards baby equipment by photographing two weddings. We also spent time preparing for two VBS's (one in Creston, IA and one in Cambridge, IA) and for the arrival of baby Josefine, whose foreseeable due date was July 4th. She surprised us only a little earlier than expected. Read on.

June- June came and went like a whirlwind. Our VBS ministries were exciting and encouraging. God used the lessons meant for the children in our lives as well. We enjoyed taking the kids on a “trip to Germany” with make-believe passports and learning facts about Germany. On June 29th at 5:17 pm, Josefine Adelaide made her debut! A beautiful baby girl with dark hair and big eyes. She weighed 7 pounds 15.7 ounces and was 20 inches long.

July- Needless to say (but I will), July was full of adjustments with our new little blessing now a part of our lives. We spent a lot of time together and a lot of time praying for wisdom. God is so gracious! We learned about her and she learned about us and now, we're a great team! We are so thankful for the many words of congratulations and blessings. Our lives are richly blessed by the demonstration of love by so many caring supporters! May God bless YOU as well!

August- As August came around, life began to feel “normal” again. Especially with the preparation for our first meeting with Josefine in tow the weekend of August 30. Sarah also got back to her photography, now to fund the ever-depleting store of diapers and wipes (and perhaps a few of those irresistible dresses for baby girls...not to mention a hairbow or two to accessorize. You ladies, I'm sure, understand the “necessity” of dresses and bows!).
Thank you all so much for your prayers over the past months.

Looking ahead -

We have some meetings coming up in Colorado during the end of September and beginning of October. Pray for us as we travel and share our burden for the people of Berlin, Germany. Also, pray for our co-workers Tim and Shelli Brudtkuhl and Yvonne Smith as they serve diligently and faithfully in the harvest fields of Berlin. Another co-worker, Crystal Beugel, is also on her way to Berlin. Please remember the other church-planting and discipleship ministries in Germany as well. Mark and Leslie Boyd are appointees headed to Nurmburg and Willi and Heidi Slischewski will be going back to Willi's home church in Ingolstadt in December to assist in the ministries there. How exciting to see so many with a heart for Germany!

Here are some goals we have lined up for the coming months for which we would sincerely appreciate your prayers.
  • We would like to reach 50% of our support by December of this year. We would then be able to tackle deputation full-time again.
  • The completion of the renovation of our house in Mingo, also by the end of the year. Pray that God would provide willing hands for the job. Like the saying goes, “many hands make light work!” (and fast work, too!) The benefit of having the house complete would be that we could again live rent-free, which would make traveling for any length of time much easier (and less expensive). Also, the completion of the house means it's ready for our landlord to sell, providing us with 2/3 of the profit toward our support or possibly outfit and passage, depending on when it sells.

Again, thank you for your prayers and loving support! Pray that God would continue to provide contacts and meetings! And may HE receive all the glory!

Jim, Sarah & Josefine Engle

A Conference & Some Contacts

We're in Kansas for a few days for the MCARBC Conference. We're praying that the Lord would provide contacts for future meetings. We have our display set up and are giving out our literature. Pray, pray, pray! Remember, we're hoping to reach 50% support by the end of the year, enabling us to raise support full-time beginning next year! We're looking forward to seeing how God answers prayer and provides!

We're enjoying our time on the road. Josefine is getting to meet lots of new babies in all kinds of nurserys! She's learning to be flexible and social, which is a blessing to us! We're also enjoying meeting so many new people along the way, who bless us with prayers and encouragement. Thanks for your support in that way!


Jim, Sarah & Josefine.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Witnessing & The Car

We have two big prayer requests!

Pray with us that God would work in the lives of those with whom we have been sharing the gospel. "B" is one such person that is needing the grace of God right now, deeply. I have recently shared the plan of salvation with "B" - who is a very important person in our lives. What a blessing it would be to see "B" trust Jesus as their Savior and have a transformed life!

Also, on a lighter note: Our Deputation-Mobile is, well, no longer mobile. ;) We're looking online for cheap options and we have a dear friend who is selling her car for a reasonable price. Pray that we would have wisdom and that God would make clear HIS desire for our transportation. We have rented a car for our last two big trips - not always the cheapest option, being the money we spent to rent the car could easily make a pretty payment on a purchased car.

Thanks for your prayers!