Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome Horton Baptist!

We are excited to announce that Horton Baptist Church in Waverly, Iowa has added us to their Missions Family and will support us by providing $100/mo! And of course, we feel as if a new member has been added to our team as well! So, welcome! We are thrilled by this news and we thank God for His provision! We look forward to ministering with you!

Check out their website here!

We'll be updating our support percentage as soon as Jim does the math for me! ;)

Continue to pray that God will provide the rest! We have a faithful God!

Pray for:

  • 50% by the end of the year.
  • House renovation completed in the very near future.
  • Meetings to be scheduled in the upcoming year.

Thanks for praying! :)

Resting in Him,

The Engles

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Two Meetings and a Blizzard

Does THIS look familiar? Well, if you're in "white", then I'm sure it does!

I'm writing from Omaha, NE on my birthday! We decided to stay here last night as the weather wasn't showing signs of calming down. The forecast says it won't be getting better until Thursday. So, we may be here for a day or so. Pray for wisdom and safety when we are able to get back on the road! We are so close to home!
As for our last two meetings in Colorado...we had a wonderful time. Jim was able to speak (no frogs in the throat this time) and share our burden for Germany. His communication was very effective and we praise God for this! God was using His word in people's lives this past weekend and we are so thankful for His grace! Sunday night, we were told there was an unsaved couple in the service and the pastor mentioned that Jim's message was exactly what he needed to hear -- our circumstances driving us to a God we can trust. Although this man and his wife did not stay for the end of the service, we rest in the promise that God's word will not return void. We are praying for them and ask that you would as well!
Thank you for yours prayers - we thank God for the opportunity to share our hearts for missions and for Germany with others and pray for more opportunities in the future!
The Engles

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meeting at Fairview

Our meeting at Fairview last Sunday AM was very enjoyable! This was a church that Sarah had some previous connections with. Her High School Youth Group did a missions trip and conducted a week of VBS at Fairview. It was a blessing to see familiar faces and we enjoyed fellowship with dear ones! We were so thankful that three of Sarah's sisters, a neice and nephew and her youngest sister's dad were able to attend the service and learn about our burden for Germany. What a blessing to have family with us!

Jim taught from 2 Timothy during Sunday School - how a servant of the Lord is to respond to those being led astray by false teachers. He included a brief history of Germany and the spiritual condition of the people, who have been led astray by false teachings. He also shared a DVD by Baptist Mid-Missions that shows even more clearly how Europe has been affected by a humanistic mindset.

During the service, he preached a sermon on 1 Kings 17 - pointing out Elijah and the Widow as examples of obedience during difficult circumstances and that God's faithfulness gives us reason to put our trust in Him. This text and application is always a good reminder to us that God is a God to be trusted, even when things seem difficult - as we will most likely experience on the mission field and even now.

Jim also shared our objectives with a slideshow and pictures of Germany and it's people. We finished off by singing a duet together about God's faithfulness.

This is a typical meeting for us. Now you know more specifically how to pray!

We visited Tri-City Baptist Church on Sunday night and met Pastor William Senn. Pray that we would be able to set up a meeting with them. Even though we were only there for a short time, we truly enjoyed the friendly people and sensed a strong unity in the church.

Wednesday night we joined North Range Baptist Church for their prayer meeting. We will be presenting our ministry to them on Sunday morning. Sarah may even have the opportunity to fellowship with the ladies from North Range during their Christmas Party on Saturday.

Sunday evening, we'll be at Arvada Baptist Church. We look forward to meeting new people there and sharing our heart for Germany!

Pray that we would depict clearly the need in Germany and that others would be as eager as we are to see the gospel spread in that country!

We'll be traveling back on Monday morning - and hope to arrive in Iowa Monday evening, pray for traveling mercies as well!


The Engles