Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Two Meetings and a Blizzard

Does THIS look familiar? Well, if you're in "white", then I'm sure it does!

I'm writing from Omaha, NE on my birthday! We decided to stay here last night as the weather wasn't showing signs of calming down. The forecast says it won't be getting better until Thursday. So, we may be here for a day or so. Pray for wisdom and safety when we are able to get back on the road! We are so close to home!
As for our last two meetings in Colorado...we had a wonderful time. Jim was able to speak (no frogs in the throat this time) and share our burden for Germany. His communication was very effective and we praise God for this! God was using His word in people's lives this past weekend and we are so thankful for His grace! Sunday night, we were told there was an unsaved couple in the service and the pastor mentioned that Jim's message was exactly what he needed to hear -- our circumstances driving us to a God we can trust. Although this man and his wife did not stay for the end of the service, we rest in the promise that God's word will not return void. We are praying for them and ask that you would as well!
Thank you for yours prayers - we thank God for the opportunity to share our hearts for missions and for Germany with others and pray for more opportunities in the future!
The Engles

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Life with Kaishon said...

It is cold and rainy here today. No snow! Hope you are safe in your travels!