Monday, October 5, 2009

January - April 2009

January/February - We spent time serving in our local church while praying that God would provide contacts and meetings. By March we were given some leads as to how we can make some contacts for potential future meetings. Sarah’s involvement in Faith’s orchestra opened up the opportunity for us to set up our display at the Men for Christ meeting in Schaumburg, IL at the end of March. The following week we set up our display at Faith’s Missions Conference as well. It was a great time of fellowship, encouragement and a good reminder of God’s call on our lives as missionaries.

March - we visited the youth group at Liberty Baptist Church in Marshalltown and presented our ministry and challenged them with personal evangelism and missions.
We are also making significant progress on our house renovation. Our goal is move back into the house by the end of August. Pray that we can meet that goal so we can resume living rent free in the house. The time is also getting closer for baby’s arrival! In February, we found out that we’re having a little girl. Josefine Adelaide (pronounced Ah-deh-LIE-deh) will be here before we know it as July 4th draws closer! As I am writing this, our countdown is down to 9 weeks! Pray for us as we enter this new chapter of life with Josefine and all the changes that will take place with her in our lives. We are thrilled for the opportunity to raise this little girl in a home that puts God first. Pray, pray, pray for us, that we would be parents who honor God in that way.

April - We attended the Illinois-Missouri State Conference and set up our display. We were able to make face-to-face contact with Pastors and hand out our literature, which we pray will open up doors for future meetings. We also attended the IARBC Conference in Waterloo, IA.

Looking Ahead -

Some upcoming events that you could pray for include an opportunity to be the Missionary Speakers for VBS at First Baptist Church in Creston during the week of June 1-5. Pray that we would minister to the children and adults alike with God’s word and a challenge towards Missions. Also, Sarah is taking off with her photography hobby and it’s nearly turning into a business. She will be photographing 2 weddings in May, so pray for stamina and energy as she will be very pregnant! Pray also for creativity as she wants to serve and honor God in doing this as well as give the couples lovely photos that they can cherish for a lifetime. And again, pray for a safe and healthy delivery for Josefine
and Sarah.

We would also like you to pray that God would provide meetings and support. We are currently at 28%. During the months of January and February, God provided two additional churches (First Baptist Church in Creston, IA and Metro Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO). Praise the Lord and thank you for your support! Our goal is to be boarding a plane and heading to Berlin in August of 2010. First, we need to reach 50% support so that we can pursue deputation full-time! Please pray to that end!

Again, we are so grateful for your interest in our ministry and your prayers for us. May God be glorified through it all!

Jim & Sarah Engle

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