Monday, October 5, 2009

May - August 2009

May- May was a busy month. Sarah earned some extra income to go towards baby equipment by photographing two weddings. We also spent time preparing for two VBS's (one in Creston, IA and one in Cambridge, IA) and for the arrival of baby Josefine, whose foreseeable due date was July 4th. She surprised us only a little earlier than expected. Read on.

June- June came and went like a whirlwind. Our VBS ministries were exciting and encouraging. God used the lessons meant for the children in our lives as well. We enjoyed taking the kids on a “trip to Germany” with make-believe passports and learning facts about Germany. On June 29th at 5:17 pm, Josefine Adelaide made her debut! A beautiful baby girl with dark hair and big eyes. She weighed 7 pounds 15.7 ounces and was 20 inches long.

July- Needless to say (but I will), July was full of adjustments with our new little blessing now a part of our lives. We spent a lot of time together and a lot of time praying for wisdom. God is so gracious! We learned about her and she learned about us and now, we're a great team! We are so thankful for the many words of congratulations and blessings. Our lives are richly blessed by the demonstration of love by so many caring supporters! May God bless YOU as well!

August- As August came around, life began to feel “normal” again. Especially with the preparation for our first meeting with Josefine in tow the weekend of August 30. Sarah also got back to her photography, now to fund the ever-depleting store of diapers and wipes (and perhaps a few of those irresistible dresses for baby girls...not to mention a hairbow or two to accessorize. You ladies, I'm sure, understand the “necessity” of dresses and bows!).
Thank you all so much for your prayers over the past months.

Looking ahead -

We have some meetings coming up in Colorado during the end of September and beginning of October. Pray for us as we travel and share our burden for the people of Berlin, Germany. Also, pray for our co-workers Tim and Shelli Brudtkuhl and Yvonne Smith as they serve diligently and faithfully in the harvest fields of Berlin. Another co-worker, Crystal Beugel, is also on her way to Berlin. Please remember the other church-planting and discipleship ministries in Germany as well. Mark and Leslie Boyd are appointees headed to Nurmburg and Willi and Heidi Slischewski will be going back to Willi's home church in Ingolstadt in December to assist in the ministries there. How exciting to see so many with a heart for Germany!

Here are some goals we have lined up for the coming months for which we would sincerely appreciate your prayers.
  • We would like to reach 50% of our support by December of this year. We would then be able to tackle deputation full-time again.
  • The completion of the renovation of our house in Mingo, also by the end of the year. Pray that God would provide willing hands for the job. Like the saying goes, “many hands make light work!” (and fast work, too!) The benefit of having the house complete would be that we could again live rent-free, which would make traveling for any length of time much easier (and less expensive). Also, the completion of the house means it's ready for our landlord to sell, providing us with 2/3 of the profit toward our support or possibly outfit and passage, depending on when it sells.

Again, thank you for your prayers and loving support! Pray that God would continue to provide contacts and meetings! And may HE receive all the glory!

Jim, Sarah & Josefine Engle

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Congratulations on Josefine! She was born on my anniversary. :)

Praying for God's provision and direction for you and your ministry. He is faithful!