Saturday, October 24, 2009

Car Update

In reply to my latest update about meetings coming up in November/December, I was asked if we'd have to rent a car again...

Here's the update on our car situation.

After a few weeks of praying and searching out our options, we found a car on CraigsList that fit what we were looking for - a low mileage (84,000), around $3,000 sedan, in good condition. When Jim first came across the listing, he printed it out and we talked about it. It's a '97 Buick LeSabre and from the picture on the looked quite nice. Jim communicated with the owner, and as it turns out, the owner is a Christian and used to be a deacon in a church with which we're familiar. The listed price is $3,300, but after talking with Jim a bit, the man decided to go down to $2,750!

We've waited a few days since finding all of this out...just to make sure we weren't jumping in too soon. Tonight, though, Jim called the man and we'll be test-driving this car tomorrow afternoon.

Please pray that God would give us wisdom about this opportunity. Should we take it? Should we continue to wait? How will we pay for it? Is it GOD'S will?

Pray also that the Lord would make it clear as far as his provision. $2,750 is a good price, but it's not exactly something we have laying around the bank account, either.

Just keeping you in-the-know and thankful for any prayers you could offer up to the Lord about this matter!


The Engles


Anonymous said...

OH! Praise God!! That sounds great! Praying that your answer will be clear. :D

Gina said...

oops... that 'anonymous' was me. :P

Jewel said...

OO what a blessing this car could be! Sounds like a DEAL! Praying God gives you wisdom... in all things. :]