Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunday's Meeting, Etc.

Please Pray!
  • We'll be presenting our ministry in Germany tomorrow at Grace Tabernacle Baptist Church in Centerville, IA. Please pray that we'll convey our passion for the people of Germany and they're need for Jesus Christ! Pray for Jim as he preaches and teaches adult Sunday School and for me as I teach Children's Sunday School. Pray that Josefine would be able to sleep during her naptime and not catch any cold or flu that may be going around this time of year. She's just now getting over her first cold. It doesn't seem to phase her - so that's good! :)
  • Continue to pray about the car situation. We drove the trusty Escort out here and remembered how crowded it can be and how difficult it is to get Josefine in and out with a two-door! God has opened up some opportunities. Pray that we would have wisdom about which ones to explore or if we need to continue to wait on Him!
  • Don't forget to pray for meetings to get on the calendar! We want to be on the road full-time by January 2010 and boarding a plane for Germany in the fall of 2010. Only a year from now! Jim is making a lot of calls lately - pray that these calls would be fruitful!
  • We're also still working on our house in Mingo and living in an apartment in would be a blessing to be completed with the project by the end of the year so we can go back to living rent-free - especially if we're going to be on the road a lot. Paying rent seems like expensive "storage" when we're gone for so long!

THANKS so much for your prayers on our behalf! We pray the Lord would use us and that HE would be glorified!



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