Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why Germany?

God had been working in our hearts for missions for quite some time. Both of us searched and prayed for God's leading. Jim participated in short-term missions trips in South Africa, Belgium and Germany, while Sarah planned trip after trip including hopeful locations such as Brazil, Peru, Bangeldesh, Israel and finally, was able to actually participate in a short-term missions trip to Germany. These were only some of the events that led to a final decision to pursue Germany as our full-time mission field. Jim's interest was sparked before his trip to Germany while associating with the missionary families of Charles Ellis and Tim Brudtkuhl. These meetings led him to make his trip to Germany a survey trip in order to better evaluate this option. At this point, we were still dating. It wasn't until we actually spent time in Germany where God confirmed us and Germany in our heart.

We believe God has called us to Germany to serve Him in the capacity of a Church Planting Missionary Family. Our burden for the country and its people grow each time we present our ministry to churches and each time we meet with the missionaries currently serving in Germany.

Our focus during this time is upon God's faithfulness. He Who Promised is Faithful.

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