Friday, February 4, 2011

Prayer Requests and Thoughts of the Heart

1. Our Family - that God would strengthen our marriage through His Word and give wisdom as we point Josefine (and soon, Cornelia) toward living for God and loving Him with all her heart. Pray that Jim and I would be examples to her and others of a devoted heart to living a life that glorifies Him!

2. Our Ministry - that we would take opportunties to minister to those around us, encouraging fellow believers and challenging one another toward godliness. Pray that God would give safety and wisdom in our travels, and that we would follow His leading for opportunities to present in new churches. We will be in IL, MN and FL this spring. Our trip to FL is for a Women's Quartet (Forever Be Sure) that Sarah is singing with. Perhaps God will have some contacts for us in FL through this music ministry.

3. Our Faith - that God would give us Faith to continually trust Him for the provisions He has designed for us. Pray that we would allow God to USE our circumstances to bolster our faith in Him, despite how bleak or bright those circumstances are. Pray that we would allow the Holy Spirit to guard and fill us, that we may be a testimony of God's faithfulness to one another and point them to a God Who can be trusted!

Thoughts of the Heart

God has used some circumstances, as of late, to show us how truly deceitful our hearts can be (Jer. 17:9) and how our hearts are set toward evil, unless we prepare our hearts to seek Him (2 Chron 12:13-14), but how HE can give healing and hope. When we allow God to search us and know our hearts (Psalm 139:23), He is faithful to reveal the truth of our hearts. When our hearts are tender toward Him, and we are truly repentant of the sin within, God allows us to restore a right relationship with Him and our loved ones again (2 Chronicles 34:26-28). We are learning, that when we seek HIS counsel, our hearts are filled with HIS wisdom and our hearts are no longer slaves to deception...we can be led by God's wisdom, even in dark times, when we often question our hearts fleshly motives...God will BLESS us when we seek Him and give us a heart that truly seeks Him when the way seems dark (Psalm 16:7).

"Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices; My flesh also will rest in hope." Psalm 16:9

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