Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 2012 Update

Dear praying friends,

Once again we want to thank you for your prayers over the last several weeks and months.  It truly has been wonderful to see the Lord work in so many ways. 

New support level - I found out yesterday about another individual supporter that has begun supporting us.  There are also three new supporting families in the process of filling out the paperwork.  Also, one of our supporting churches has been putting half of their support into a savings account for our outfit and passage when we are ready to leave for Germany.  We previously have not included this other half in our tally of support percentage.  But we recently have been advised to do so because it is committed support. So our new support level is:  51.2%

Prayer Request for our Van dilemma - We are leaving for our trip to Phoenix and Washington Thursday, March 15.  I took our van in today to have it checked out in preparation for the trip.  We've had a transmission code setting the check engine light and our cruise control stopped working about two weeks ago.  The diagnosis is inconclusive. It will require "digging" deeper to know for sure what the problem is.  The mechanic said even if we threw in a refurbished trans he would not recommend going on such a trip for at least a month later to make sure everything was working properly.  We are praying about wisdom and options.  We have thought of several, but not with peace about either of those options:  1. Take our car, 2. Rent a mini-van, 3. Take our mini-van anyway.  Let me explain the dilemma in these choices: 1. Our car has over 235,000 miles and much less cargo space.  2. Renting a mini-van will cost around $2000 for the time we will be gone (money which should be put into a new transmission when we get home).  3.  We don't believe it is wise to drive over 5600 miles, through desert and mountains, over a three and a half week trip, when our vehicle is in questionable condition. Please pray with us about this decision! We know God already has the answer in mind, and now is the time to wait and see Him work! Please, let us know if you come across any other suggestions, as well! God can use a myriad of situations, people, etc. to direct us to His will!

Sweetheart Banquet participation - We had the privilege of participating in the Sweetheart banquet this past Saturday at Faith Baptist Church in Cambridge, IA.  Sarah and I wore rented Victorian outfits (look us up on Facebook to see pictures).  We "attempted" to sing/act out Daisy Bell  (On a Bicycle Built for Two).  I also sang I love you truly in a barbershop trio.  Over all it was a great time to focus on uplifting fellow believers to cherish our marriages.

Support Goal - Please continue to pray about our support goal of reaching 60% by the end of this month.  The remaining 8.8% equates to $516/month in needed support.

If you know of a church interested in the ministry in Germany please let me know about them.  If you are interested as a family/individual in joining our support team or if you have a business and are interested in making a donation here is a link to the Online Interactive Declaration of Intention to Support Form.  Our project number is 702037.

Please pray about our upcoming meetings:

March 19-27:  Forever Be Sure Concert Tour, Phoenix, AZ
March 23-24:  Arizona ARBC annual conference
April 4:  First Baptist Church, Soap Lake, WA
April 11:  Bible Baptist Church, Rantoul, IL  Awana closing service
April 15:  First Baptist Church, Austin, MN
April 22:  Hamilton Baptist Church, Hamilton, MI
April 29:  North Royalton Baptist Church, North Royalton, OH
May 27:  Ithaca Baptist Church, Ithaca, MI
June 9-10:  First Baptist Church, Arlington Heights, IL missions conference
July 1:  Woodruff Baptist Church, Woodruff, WI
July 9-12:  BMM annual conference, Cleveland, OH
Aug 19 or 26:  Faith Baptist Church, Albert Lea, MN
Sept 11-14:  Launch Seminar, BMM Home office, Cleveland, OH

Thank you again for your prayers
Jim and Sarah Engle
Baptist Mid-Missions
Appointees to Germany

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