Wednesday, November 30, 2011

God is Providing!

Exciting news! We're thrilled to welcome First Baptist Church of Waverly, as they join us in getting the Good News to Germany! :D With this, our support level is now up to 38%! Praise the Lord! 

We are so excited to watch God provide as only HE can and even more excited to see the loving and prayerful people that He is choosing to be a part of His plan for Germany!

Continue to pray for our co-workers, also on their way to Germany - Mark and Leslie Boyd and Crystal Buegel. Also, for Tim and Shelli Brudtkuhl (the couple we are planning on joining in Berlin) as they also look forward to God's direction following this furlough.

Again, we are truly grateful to God and to those serving Him by participating in missions by praying, giving and going!

Sarah - for the Engles

**as you may notice, the first paragraph is repeated in our Nov. 2011 Update post - I guess that means a) Jim posted one, and I posted another and b) we're just doubly excited about it!

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