Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 2011 Update

Hello friends,

We want to welcome to our support team and praise the Lord for First Baptist Church in Waverly, IA.  We had a great time back in September meeting with this church and their missions committee, and we look forward to the relationship we will build with them over the years.  We have also gained two individual supporters since our last update.  Together that brings our new support numbers up to 39%, oops, we miscalculated, 38%.

For those that are interested in our total numbers we have 11 supporting churches and 5 supporting families.  The average church support is $195/month and the average family support is $31/month.  At those averages we need 18 more churches and 2 more families to reach 100% of full support (which is $5863/month).

We know of one more church in Iowa voting this next week about supporting our ministry.  Please pray for wisdom and direction for this church in their voting.

We are still praying that we would be at 60% by the beginning of January so we could attend Launch seminar.  We know that the Lord is capable of bringing in the needed support to make this a reality.  So please pray for His will in meeting this goal.  

We spent the month of October ministering in eight churches in central Florida.  Yes, the weather was beautiful, being in the low 80's most of the time we were there.  However, because of a few days of rain before our arrival, the mosquitos decided to welcome us, as well. That wasn't much of a problem for Jim, Sarah or Cornelia. But, for some reason, the mosquitos really found Josefine to be a hearty meal. Now that we're home, when Josefine goes to bed she says, with excitement, "No more mosquito bites! No more bandaids on my legs!"  Also, while we were there, she gained an acute awareness of the fact that Jesus' death on the cross was for her sins. She may not understand completely, but our hearts are thrilled when we hear her say, "Look, Mama! A Cross! Jesus died on it for my sins. And for your sins and Papa's sins and NaNa's (Cornelia's) sins, too!" 

Josefine's excitement about Jesus' death on the cross for our sins reminds us to be excited to share share such good news, as well! It IS something to be excited about and we're eager to see that message reach German hearts and see the excitement spread in Germany. Please pray for us as we seek God's wisdom in the steps He wants us to take and reaching that goal of 60% by the beginning of January.

Jim & Sarah Engle

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All the best and big blessings on your family!!!