Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Car Situation Update - Reprise

Hello Faithful Prayer Warriors!

We were able to make it to the conference in Cleveland and enjoy a sweet time of refreshing and fellowship! From there, we headed out to New York to visit a church, Calvary Baptist Church in Bay Shore, whose Ladies Missionary Group supports us, gave them an update and spent some time of fellowship with them on an afternoon fishing charter! We were so encouraged to hear how God was working in the people's hearts there and were spiritually encouraged ourselves just to hear their testimonies! God's grace is truly amazing!

Onto recent happenings...

We left New York for a quick visit to Washington DC since we were in the area to see some of the historical sites and to meet Jim's brother and his family. About halfway to DC, our transmission went out. It did the exact same thing it did in the mountains of Washington State! We called the State Patrol and were picked up shortly thereafter by a tow truck. We're now in New Jersey waiting it out. The pastor from the church we were at previously gave us some recommendations for churches to call in this area and from that we came into contact with Haddon Heights Baptist Church, whose Pastor and wife have a special place in their hearts for Germany as they lived there for two years. The church very graciously put us up in a hotel and have been generous in making sure we're taken care of. We joined them for their Wednesday evening prayer service and had a wonderful time meeting people and sharing some sweet time of prayer and fellowship with them. We sincerely sense the goodness of God, even amidst the potential frustration of what seems to be a chronic car issue!

Right now, we're waiting on the mechanic to get back to us about our car. As it looks, there is probably something else wrong that is causing the transmission issues, since this is the second time the transmission has given out in this way. So, the mechanic is doing some exploratory work on it. He also explained that he would give us a $300 discount if we have to completely rebuild the transmission because we were referred by the church. The amount he would charge is $1,695. Pray for God's provision, as we just spent nearly that much in June for the same repair.

Thank you all!

The Engles
Jim, Sarah & Josefine

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