Monday, July 5, 2010

Jehovah Jireh...Our God Provides!

Our God provides and not always in ways we expect or can even hope for. He provides...exceedingly and abundantly beyond what we can hope for!

Today we found out that a few people wanted to give toward the repair of our transmission! The total amount given was $1,200. We don't know yet how much the assesment or repair will cost, but we should find out more on Tuesday. Of course, the final cost is something the Lord already knows! We are so thankful for how God has provided...and humbled by the generosity of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our meetings and camp these past few weeks have been so encouraging and the fellowship has truly been sweet. Also, we enjoyed a wonderful time at the VBS in Soap Lake. We had some pretty sharp kids eager to learn about Germany! Near the end of the week, we heard the great news that one little boy trusted Christ as his Savior! News we never get tired of rejoicing over! The kids also gave joyfully and sacrifically during the VBS offering and we are so thankful for their excitment to give! The Lord provided $1,000 through that ministry! Praise GOD!

One more piece of news we'd like to share. The Lord has officially moved us to full-time deputation! How, you ask? Well, Jim received a phone call from his job back in Iowa and they informed us that they had to let some employees go and that he was one of them. Much to our surprise, we were actually rejoicing in God's direction through this news! We had already been praying about how to transition to full-time deptutaion, but couldn't quite put our fingers on how or when. We just knew it needed to happen soon! It seems as though God had a way to get us there! When we get back from our summer ministries, Jim will be able to spend more time calling pastors and setting up meetings. Because our new goal to get to Germany is next summer, it's imperative that we spend more of our time on the road!

Another issue of prayer would be our departure goal. The Brudtkuhls, who we will be joining on the field, will be on furlough for 1 year beginning next summer. If we can get to Germany by next summer, we can be in language school for the first year in Bavaria while they're on furlough in the states. This means, that we could all be heading toward Berlin around the same time in 2012, ready to dive into ministry together!

I know this update seems FULL of details! We are excited to have so much to share with you! :)

The Engles


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how God provides. I'm sure a lot of your readers have similar stories (we've got a bunch!) -Brian Jackson

Carrie said...

I'll be praying - God's timing is always perfect! :)