Thursday, July 8, 2010

Car Situation Update

Thank you all for praying on behalf of our car situation. It looks like we'll be hitting the road sooner than expected!

We heard from the dealership...the amount it would cost to fix the car would be somewhere near $1,600 and they wouldn't even be able to get to it until next week Thursday. So, we did some brainstorming and a lot of praying for wisdom, of course. :) Jim called a local transmission shop to see if we could get the same job done sooner, and possibly cheaper. We're taking the car in to that shop TODAY and it will be done tomorrow with the total cost being UNDER $1,000! Thank you, Lord!

We're excited that it looks like we'll be able to make some, if not all, of the BMM Annual Conference, which is always a refreshment and encouragment.

Again, thanks for your prayers!

The Engles
Jim, Sarah & Josefine

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Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for that! Wow! Those dealerships are just WAY too over-priced :/ So glad you were able to get it done so quickly & MUCH cheaper!